The iPad ➡️ Monitor solution

Control your monitor with your iPad.
Open websites, documents and run webapps on your monitor.
Called "a must-download" in The Wall Street Journal.

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Expand your iOS screen

Expand your iPad's screen or control your monitor with your iPhone.

Fullscreen Support

Take advantage of the monitor size. No more black bars and low resolution broadcasts.

Split View

View documents and websites on your monitor or work with webapps while working on your iPad.

Mouse and trackpad

Control your monitor with your mouse and trackpad

Mouse and trackpad support

Control your monitor with the new iPadOS mouse/trackpad support! On the iPhone you can use the integrated touch-trackpad!

Webapps support

shiftscreen supports 25+ webapps list of all webapps

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"The greatest app for your iPad Pro in 2020!"
– Fernando Silva,
"The most impressive implementation of the second screen API"
– Federico Viticci,
Founder MacStoriesNet
"Best iPad app in 2020!"
– Rodney Kasey,
"One of the most useful app in the appstore"
– Hyuei,
"Creative use of ipad os feature limitations"
– Easymovet,
"Really makes having an external monitor useful with iPad. Really a must-have"
– Raphael9214,
"Good App to utilize the full screen monitor"
– sdychangco,
"This is a fantastic app and really does what you need it for."
– Silicon Swish,
"Impressive app with lots of potential"
– Vaughaag,